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Curry Pan (Japanese Curry Donut)

A not so well-known fact about Tokyo (and Japan in general) is that there are some insanely delicious bakeries scattered around the entire city. My favorite bakery is located in the neighborhood where I grew up, Azabu Juban, called Mont-Thabor. They are most famous for their milk bread which is like a buttery, milky, sweet… Continue reading Curry Pan (Japanese Curry Donut)

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Chicken Nanban with Japanese Sweet Potato Salad

Chicken nanban is a crispy chicken dish which originated in the Kyushu region of Japan. Nanban, which directly translates to “European” in Old Japanese, comes from the influence of European traders and missionaries in Japan during the 17th century. The chicken is usually deep fried, but my version is a liiiiittle bit healthier since it’s pan-fried. Once… Continue reading Chicken Nanban with Japanese Sweet Potato Salad